Dear Head Cold,

I was pleasantly surprised last Wednesday when I woke up and you were dwelling within my body.  You see I felt fine Tuesday without a trace of you – at all.  I was shocked when I woke up Wednesday and felt you dancing on the back of my throat.  You even made me cough up what I am quite sure was something the human body can’t produce on it’s own.  I swear it was even moving.

Dear Head Cold you see I don’t have time to be sick becuase I work with people.  I am expected to be at things this week – but now with you invading my body I cannot do some things I was looking forward to doing.

Dear Head Cold I think you are affecting the way I think.  You see I now see it as my civil duty to “infect” as many people as I can now that you are living inside of me.  To date I think I can count 5 people I have been in contact with that now share the same cold.  It is the season for sharing right?

Dear Head Cold I need you to leave so I can be productive.  I am not taking things that will kill you.  Have a nice life.