I have been getting a lot of people lately asking me if I am putting up a Christmas tree.  My answer is simple. “No I’m not.”  It’s not that I hate Christmas becuase I don’t.  I love Christmas.  I love the weather.  I love the music.  I love the festivities and the parties.  I love getting together with friends.  I love the fact that the reason why we have Christmas is becuase makind was given the greatest gift ever 2000 years ago.  I LOVE Christmas.  So why now Christmas tree?  Becuase I am a bachelor and I am going on 12 years without a tree.  Why should I break this tradition?  I see it as a great feat in some ways.  A friend of mine gave me this quote today.

Smart people are unlikely to come up with ideas such as killing a perfectly good tree, covering it with crap, and keeping it in the living room for a month. – Scott Adams

I have no idea who Scott Adams is but he sounds like a level headed guy in my book.  Also if I were to get a tree then I would have to spen $100-$200 on decorations for it.  Find time to put it up.  THEN take it down at the end of December.  No thanks.

Now I would have a Christmas tree if I could do this.  Having a tree like this would be awesome.  Meet the Bachelor Christmas tree.