Here’s the thing.  A few months back I signed up with to be on their street team and help get the word out about their site.  Normally I don’t push Christian apparel becuase honestly it is fairly cheesy and lame.  I really like what these guys offer though so now I’m pushing them.  See if you look I have the ‘shop C28‘ widget on the right hand side of my blog.  I need you to click on it and go on over and buy something.  Even if it’s only $1  or $2…just buy something.  I am using the 10% they kick back to me on sales to get things for give-a-ways for our student ministry.  Christmas is coming up and chances are that you still need to buy some stuff.  Just like everywhere else there are good deals and bad deals on their site.  But stop on over and see if you can find something to help our ministry out.  Or click through this link and bookmark it then when you go back to buy something go back through my link that you have bookmarked.

As soon as I get the first few give-a-ways I will post some pics of them.  Thanks in advance for your help.