My time away has been good but I am beat now.  Wednesday I helped move a family and then came back to work on my parents house.  Thursday was Thanksgiving.  I was dead tired all day.  It was good though.  I got beat bad at bowling on the Wii.  I am not good at it to be honest.

Today we went and helped another family from their church move.  Once that was done we came back and continued to work on my parents house.  We got all of the soffet and facia hung though.  My dad is really pleased with it so that is the important thing.  Now I’m working on some sermon prep stuff.  Later I’ll pack up the electronic drum set I’m getting from my brother.  Tomorrow I will leave first thing in the morning to head back to Newell where I will get the rest of my sermon finalized.

Actually I am looking forward to being back in Newell so i can have a break from my break.  It’s been busy – but it’s been good.  I always enjoy spending time with my family so it’s a good thing.