Last night while I was at our deacon’s my phone rang a few times.  The first was my brother.  The second was from my sisters phone.  The third was my brothers phone again.  So I sent him a text to say I was in a meeting so he asked me to call him as soon as I got out.  I knew at that point something ws wrong.

Last night at 7:30  my sister was run over by a car.  She is working out now and was at the gym with a friend of hers.  As they were walking out her friend let her 10 year old daughter go start the car as she always does.  Last night it was a different car – instead of an automatic it was a stick shift.  So she started it and it was was gear.  My sister was standing in front of the car.  The car leap forward and ran her over with the fron and back wheel.  Fortunately a few things happened;

  • she thought quick enough to go into fetal position and roll
  • God was protecting her

So she was rushed to the ER.  There they took xrays and did a CatScan and found only a broken rib.  She has no other internal injuries as far as they can tell.  I talked to her this morning and she is in really good spirits.  Please pray for her to have a speedy recovery.  She is sore and bruised badly on her legs – but otherwise she is doing good.

Thanks in advance for praying for her.