I read the blog over at Boundless.  It’s really good and it’s geared towards single people who are college aged- 35ish.  It’s got some great insight in the articles that are online.  If I’m not wrong – I think it’s the digital form of the actual magazine.  No scratch that – it’s actually a webzine.  Anyway today I read their article Behind The Mask which is about  community.  It’s good stuff.  Here’s a clip

Knowing another person is a fearsome proposition. When I meet someone new, he’s already been living for years on a screwed-up planet. What bruises has he picked up along the way? I’ve formed the beginning of relationships only to discover people were clingy addicts or incorrigible gossips … and I had no idea at first. It’s enough to make me afraid to shake hands after church.

Being known means revealing your own scars from 20-odd years of wading through life. You’re opening yourself up to rejection on a deeper level than those junior high insults when people said your Mama dressed you funny. The eighth-grade clowns could only pick on your looks. If a person knows you, he has power to stomp your dreams.

So most of us crave intimacy at the same time we’re running from it, and who can blame us? We’ve tried to be more open and gotten ignored in return. We figured church might to be a safe place to build relationships, then found out most “Life Groups” should be called “Pretending-I’ve-Got-My-Life-Together Groups.” If you share your real prayer requests, you’ll earn three super-spiritual lectures and a rumor that you’re a prideful doubter.