This is no secret – I have a man crush on Greg Stier.  It’s the truth.  He is an amazing communicator of the Gospel to students and adults alike and he is passionate about Jesus.  I love his enthusiasm when he speaks.  He can definitely grab anyone’s attention.  I have never met Greg Stier face-to-face.  It is true last year in Denver at Dare 2 Share he singled me out and I was on the big screen while he talked for a few minutes.  He rested his hand on my should as he was talking and asked me a few questions.  Truth be told it was like a God moment for me….not becuase Greg is God but becuase my weekend was off to a rocky start.  2 hours before we left for Dare 2 Share I found out someone stole $1500 from my checking account through PayPal.  I really needed some comforting words that Friday night.  Greg was talking about being passionate in youth ministry and seeing kids come to know Christ and he looked at me and aske, “Man do you want to see kids come to know Christ in your ministry?”  It was what I needed at that moment – to realize that God is bigger than any problem I am faced with and has the power to change lives.  Honestly though these things aren’t why I love Greg Stier.

This is.  His Deep and Wide Youth Ministry appraoch.  We have instituted it this fall here at Bethel and it seems like it is working.  At least as far as I know.  It’s an amazing but Biblical approach to ministry.  “It’s so easy a caveman can do it.” Thanks GEICO for the greatest tag line of our time.  If you are a leader of students OR adults you should go on over and check out the Deep and Wide strategy.

Maybe someday I will meet my man crush in person.  I would love 20 minutes with him to pick his brain on youth ministry.  Maybe I’ll have to somehow sneak backstage at the Dare 2 Share in Lincoln coming up in February ’09.  I think I can do it…