Tonight at Fire Escape (our middle school ministry) we talked about evangelism and telling our story and God’s story to others.  It was a pretty cool night.  I showed this video and talked about how our stories are all different but how if we are children of God that we have a responsibility to share God’s story.  After the video was done I handed out a sheet of paper with 3 sentences on it.  They were;

  • Who You Were Before Christ (what you acted like and did before you accepted Christ
  • Who You Are After You Accepted Christ
  • Why You Think Your Friends Should Consider Christ

I had the students write out answers to all 3 things.  Then at the end of the night I asked if anyone would want to come up and share their story.  We had 4 students come up and share their story about how they came to know Christ.  It was really cool.  One girl I got to talk to tonight had a ton of quetions.  She is is a believer but doesn’t know how to grow.   So I am going to hook her up with one of my female leaders to start the process of growing towards God.  I was so proud of our kids becuase they took it seriously and did it.  I know we have some that haven’t come to a saving faith yet – I think they are close though.  At least I hope so.

As we were winding down we made some “invite” cards available for students to pass out to their friends to invite them to Fire Escape.  I hope the ones that took them use them.