This has been a really long week here at Bethel.  We have had the Caring for the Heart Conference by John Regier and Caring for the Heart Ministries.  It was long but good.  You can read about what happened Sunday- Monday and Tuesday- Wednesday as well.  Last night John wrapped up by talking about emotionally connecting with your spouse.  It was a really good session.  He talked about the 5 needs of an individual;

  • to be loved
  • to be appreciated
  • to be accepted
  • to be valued
  • the need for security

Who doesn’t want to feel those at some point?  If we are honest we all do.  I love to feel appreciated and accepted.  Acceptance is something I have always struggled with.  That one really struck a chord with me.  He also talked about the 6 things that intimacy involved;

I learned a ton this week.  Now comes the every day part of caring for people…this is where the inlectual rubber meets the rubber of the emotional needs of people.