I found this in my inbox this morning.  I thought it was worth sharing with you all.

Every 4 years.. but especially the years we switch political parties, I am shocked and amazed at the peaceful turn over of government. We dont have a coup, we dont have martial law.. we peacefully vote, and then turn over the reigns. What an amazing blessing God has given our country.

I am glad that this year the president won the popular and electoral vote, and decidedly too.

I am praising God that he is in control, has been in control and will continue to be in control no matter what the face or name is that occupies the presidency of our country.

I praise God that he will either use this man to do GREAT things in our country, unite us, and make us stronger, OR he will usher in a day that is closer to Jesus returning.. Praise God!

*IF* he makes it harder for Christians to live in this country, I am also grateful to give our Christians the opportunity to really CHOOSE Christ. We have had it so easy and without persecution for SO long.. I have been praying for revival in this country for a long time, and if this is how God chooses to bring it on, I will not resist.

I honestly am nothing but encouraged today. I know that my financial decisions the last 12 years may not have been wise if everything Obama says he wants happens, but still, I will not be fearful. God knows my needs. And while life might be harder, He still hasnt turned his back on me. I also know that our Govt does not work overnight, and that many of these “promises” are a long way coming, and may change several times before they are put into practice.

I have the extreme privilege and responsibility to pray for those in office, knowing God does not make mistakes, and that he works all things to his will. Nothing will surprise him, and nothing happens outside of his express knowledge and permission. If in plenty or in want, I am in the center of God’s will, I am good.

He knows my name. He knows my hair on my head. And he knows Obama’s as well.