Finally I am getting out of my contract with Alltel and going with US Cellular.  I know…I know.  Some of you who read this will be in complete and utter shock that I am going back to US Cellular after a 12 year vacation from them. There are a few reasons for this move though.

First off Alltel’s service in this area is horrible.  I even wrote a letter about it a few months back.  My cell phone bill has increased dramatically becuase of the way they handle making money….errr…customer service.  I am just fed up with dealing with it all with Alltel.

Thankfully a month ago I received the news that our church would be providing us with cell phone service now to save us money since we are staff here.  The great thing about this is that it wasn’t initiated by staff.  It was initiated by our trustees.  It feels nice to know that someone is swinging the bat for ya from time to time.  It is my opinion that it is a good practice for a church (or a business) to supply their pastors and full-time support staff with cell phone services.  It only makes sense that it shouldn’t be an out of pocket expenditure since you’re expected to be on call 24-7/ 365.  It’s just my opinion though.

I have been a faithful Alltel customer for 5-6 years now.  I even have 2 lines with them.  As of noon tomorrow I will have no lines with them.  That’s right.  I am terminating both lines of service I have with them.  So this is my farewell Alltel.  So long.  Goodbye.