Let me start off by saying that I am not a big fan of Family Force 5.  There I said it.

So we went and saw Family Force 5 last Thursday night in downtown Des Moines.  It was ineresting to say the least.  I have never actually seen them in concert before.  Honestly I haven’t been to a “real” concert in about 2 years I think.  It was nice to get away and just relax and listen to some quiet music.

Ok – so quiet it was not.

Wow these guys are crazy.  I highly recommend seeing the Dance Rawr Dance 2 tour if you get a chance.  Right now they are touring with Ultraviolet Sound, Danger Radio and Play Radio Play.  You ca forget Ultraviolet Sound and Play Radio Play.  The show is carried by Danger Radio and definately Family Force 5.  You have to see them live to understand.