I was reading in Acts today for my Bible study tonight and I got to thinking – are we a lot like the Jews were back then?  I got to thinking about it and honestly wonder if we aren’t more like them than we think.  The Jews were looking for a polotical ruler – someone who would “free” them in their govermental system or setting.  They were looking for someone to liberate them and make life easier on them.  They were looking for a king and missed the Messiah.

I think we are a lot like them today – in our current election.  So many of us are looking to one man to deliver us and set our economy back on the right track.  We are looking for liberation and ease of living.  In the process, though, are we really missing the Messiah?  Are we completely dismissing Christ and his claims of a better life and looking for a political leader or ruler – someone who will make life easier for us and our pocket books?

What do you guys think?