I wrote a song a few weeks ago.  I didn’t like the chorus becuase it wasn’t flowing well going fom the pre-chorus into the chorus then out of the chorus into the verse.  The flow just wasn’t right.  I think I have done it now.  I have a chorus I like much better and flows a lot more smoothyl.  Now the process begins of playing it for a select few to see if it can make the cut to become a worship song for sorporate worship.

Here’s the first chorus;

your mercy and grace fills us
we fall to the ground, in worship
your loving arms embrace us
we fall to your arms, and love you
abba father we cry to you
rescue us from ourselves

Here’s the new chorus;

we’ve come to worship You God, at Your throne
we come lifting our hands, to You alone
we come singing songs of praise, to You God
we’ve come to worship You God, at Your throne

I like it but then again I wrote it.  It has kind of a Daniel Doss Band feel to it.  Now I need to get my mixer down here and record it and see what it sounds like.