I got word last night that Dr. Lightner is going to be fine.  What happened is that he just passed out.  The story behind the story is priceless though and now since Dr. Lightner will be fine I will share it.

He had just finished his session on “The Extent of Atonement.”  It was really good stuff.  Then he was doing some Q&A.  Jay (our senior pastor) had asked him a few questions right before he got dizzy.  After he went down I was joking with Jay that it was his questioning that almost took out Dr. Lightner.  What happened next was PRICLESS.  As they were wheeling Dr. Lightner out on the gurney he looked up, right at Jay and pointed his finger and said, “Jay why did you have to ask me those hard questions?”  Then he laughed with us.

Maybe you just had to be there.  It made my afternoon.