Dear GarageBand,

I have heard so many great things about how easy you are to use.  Everyone I talk to that uses you sings your praises.  Dear GarageBand I am not fining this to be true.  Honestly I have given you a chance.  I guess I was spoiled by Adobe Audition and my Matrox capturing card.  Maybe I’m not giving you a fair chance.  I mean it’s nothing personal.  I think you are an attractive software application.  Once open you seem easy to use and edit audio.  The thing is that you’re not easy or flexible.  Why can’t you be simple like Adobe Audition or Audacity?  Why can’t I mix down a podcast to an mp3 format from you?

Dear GarageBand why do you hate me?  I have been trying for 3 hours now to mix down a file that is barely 80 minutes long – but you STILL insist that the file size is over 1.4G’s.  Dear GarageBand you and I both know that when formatting down to an mp3 of m4a that it shouldn’t be bigger than 3/4 of a gig.  All I want to do is get the audio to a format for iTunes so I make a playlist of the files and burn stinking CD.

Dear GarageBand I have no choice but to use you becuase my hand is forced into using a Mac.  I don’t like you.  You don’t like me.  The feeling is mutual….but can’t we at least get along?  I am willing to be amicable towards you if you would only return the favor.

Dear GarageBand I am frustrated.  Hopefully we can resolve our differences before I leave today.  Dear GarageBand why dost thou frustrate me so?!?!