This weekend was good for me.  I stayed home and watched a few movies and crashed.  Ithas been a while since I have crashed like I did this past weekend and it felt good.  I slept in until 11am on Saturday – after going to bed at 10:30pm Friday night.  I got up and had lunch then watched some tv.  From 2:30-5:30pm I went and lead worship for a 25th wedding anniversary.  It was small but really cool.  It was great to see a couple still in so much love after 25 years.  It kind of gives you hope that people are still in love.  Then I played my guitar for their reception as well.

After that I came home and watched Iron Man for the second time this weekend with some guys that came over on the spur of the moment.  I slept part way through the movie.  It was pretty nice.  I even took a break from blogging for a few days.  Overall the weekend was good.  I’m still fairly groggy for some reason but I am looking forward to a good week.