Dear Secret Admirer,

It’s me again.  After my letter to you yesterday I couldn’t get you off of my mind.  You and your crafty ways.  How smart are you?  The creative genius you have been displaying I must say is amazing.  I have been so impressed that you have been able to keep this up for so long without me finding out who you really are.There are a few things you should know about me.  So I thought I would write you a letter today and tell you a little more about myself…since I know you read my blog.

Dear Secret Admirer I love mysteries.  I also love trying to solve mysteries.  I love putting bad guys behind bars too.  It is true and I have been able to assist in that on a few occasions.   I do love mysteries and you, Dear Secret Admirer, have been quite the mystery.  I have been flattered to have been your focus of attention for the past few weeks.  However this little relationship may be coming to a close.

You see, Dear Secret Admirer, you used an online stamp store when you sent me the fork in the mail yesterday.  Up to this point you have been so careful in how you do things.  This time you made a mistake that has lead me to your real identity.  You see the online stamp place you use prints your account number on the stamp when it prints.  How does a number lead me to you?  I called the online stamp place today and the gentleman on the other end of the phone felt my pain and gave me your name.  He told me at the close of our conversations,

“Sir I am sorry but I cannot give you the physical address because of our privacy policy so I can only give you a name.”

I responded and said,

“The name is all I need.”

I may have even laughed an evil laugh to the man on the phone.  We may have rejoiced together a little even as now I know you’re true identity.

Dear Secret Admirer you see – you shouldn’t leave little clues.  The trail will ALWAYS come back to you if you’re not careful.  This time you didn’t cover your tracks.  I am relishing the thought of the day when we shall meet face to face.  You will know that I know and I will know that you know that I know.  It will be an awkward moment for you…for me it will be sheer bliss.

Dear Secret Admirer does it really have to end?  I say no – it doesn’t have to end.  In fact it has really just begun.  Now that I know your identity I will pull out my bag of tricks.  Consider this not a warning but a friendly gesture of me saying, “Hello my friend.  We will someday meet and it will be all things glorious.”

So for now, Dear Secret Admirer, I leave you in wait and anticipation of my visit.

Rest assured about my visit – it will much like a thief in the night.