Dear Secret Admirer,

I got your package in the mail.  I loved it.  Your creativity is nothing short of amazing.  I feel like we have been doing this for a while now.  This little cat and mouse game.  You

have now gone from the person who is pranking me to the person who admires me.  I mean really you must because you keep giving me so much attention.  I must admit, at first I was a little annoyed with it but I am really beginning to like the attention..with you and your constantly taping forks to my laptop, mouse, and Explorer.  I am beginning to think this goes deeper than pranking…

So how does it feel to be you Dear Secret Admirer.  How does it feel to sit around thinking about me?  Honestly even typing that out sounds kind of creepy.  I mean do you have some psychological embalance that enables you to sit around thinking about me…constantly…well at least constantly enough to be thinking of the next “prank” to pull on me?  Really I think these are small cries for help because of your obsession with me.  Really, Dear Secret Admirer, you should reveal yourself so we can get you the help you need…but I know you won’t because your obsession has taken you too far.

Dear Secret Admirer when I opened your package I was overjoyed.  Thank you so much for sending it.  I have been wanting one for a long time now.  I know, Dear Secret Admirer, that one we we shall meet and what a glorious day of meeting that will be.  Until then keep safe.  I may be  visiting you sooner than you think!