Last night was our first “official” night of CHAOS.  Last week our students voted on the name for our high school ministry and CHAOS won.  So last night, although it was technically our 4th week to meet, was really the first night of CHAOS.  We had a great time together though.  We had 3 new students stop by and check us out last night.  I talked to them afterwards and they all said that they would be back.  It’s always great to see new students come into our student ministry.

Last night was week 3 of our Foundations series.  I talked about how we can make our walk with Christ stronger.  I highlighted 6 things I think can help to make our walk stronger IF we put some effort into each of them.  The 6 are;

  • Prayer – It is so vital to our walk with Christ.  It’s the main line of communication between us and him.  I compared it to social networking and cell phone usage.
  • God’s Word – I stressed the importance of getting into God’s Word
  • Bible Studies – it’s good to be a part of a small group where you can find accountability and support
  • Church – you only get out what you put in
  • Sunday School – you only get out what you put in
  • Youth Group – you only get out what you put in

We tried the game Can-Can last night.  It was a HUGE success. I got it from The Source 4 YM.  The directions are below.

Imagine everyone in a circle holding hands, pulling and tugging, but not letting go . . . trying to get someone else to bump into the can-can.  The result looks like an amoeba trying to force one part of it’s body to go somewhere it doesn’t want to go!

Here’s how it’s done: You don’t want your circle to start bigger than about 25 people, so if you have a large group, have several circles going at once. All you need is a trash can. The taller the can, the better. Also, plastic ones are better than metal ones, and it’s always better to find a trash can that hasn’t had anything put in it (a clean one).

The participants get into a circle around the trash can and hold hands. If a player touches the trash can in any way, they are out. Also, if players break their grip on one another, they are both out. Play pauses after an elimination, giving a much-needed time for players to re-firm their hand-holds.

This game is tiring, and is an excellent way to tucker out ADHD jr. highers. Play until one person remains. If an elimination seems slow in coming, adding another trash can to the mix speeds up the game.

This game is a huge hit, and you can usually get good video footage as students who are pulled into the can will tend to jump or try to dodge it, while not letting go of the others’ hands.