Last night we had agreat middle school night.  We finally voted on our name.  We are now officially Fire Escape.  So now both the high school and middle school groups have their own identity.  I am really excited having names and so are our students.  The next step in the process is getting logo’s for both groups done.  Once logo’s are done then we’ll get some t-shirts, stickers, letterhead and some other things done up as well.

Last night we had 3 students pray to receive Christ.  So this week I wil be in contact with them and getting them going on discipleship stuff.  Also last night our AWANA workes went and canvassed the town trying to drum up attendance for AWANA and Fire Escape and CHAOS.  I just got an email letting me know I am supposed to call 2 students from the AWANA workes efforts.  It’s pretty cool to see God at work in the lives of people.  Yesterday afternoon a guy came in asking questions about us and Jehovah’s Witnesses so I got the opportunity to share a little about Christ with him.  God is stirring people in Newell, Storm Lake and Sac City.  It’s awesome to see God moving people towards him – even if it’s just a little bit at a time.