This morning was the kick-off to our Men’s Fraternity chapter here in Newell.  Gary (our associate pastor) is the one heading it up so all my responsibilities are is simply going to it and being a participant.  It is nice and refreshing to be able to go and not have any responsibilities.  We are doing it at two different times on Wednesday’s.  The first group (the one I am in) meets goes from 6am-7:15am and the second one meets Wednesday nights and goes from 8:30pm-9:45pm.  There are about 25-30 guys total in it right now.  We are studying the first book titled ‘The Quest for Authentic Manhood.’  This morning we learned about the 5 presuppositions of our manhood journey from Robert Lewis (founder of Men’s Fraternity);

  • Manhood is in a state of confusion.
  • Confused men create major problems.
  • Confused men settle for less.
  • There is no lofty vision of manhood today that is compelling to men.
  • The Bible, I believe, has helpful insights to all of the above.

He talked about some historical roots and different generations and the implications they have had on how we see manhood.  The 3 he discussed were the

  • Industrial Revolution – the Industrial Revolution was the first era where men left the farms and went to work away from the home.  For the first time in history boys were growing up with their dads away from home.  Before this boys went into the fields with their dads on a daily basis and helped farm.  This was huge because boys then learned what being an authentic man was from their father.  Once the Industrial Revolution hit this all changed.
  • World War II – During this time men had to learn to sacrifice and disconnect while they were at war.  These were necessities in this time.  Unfortunately these things were brought home from the war and this negatively impacted families as men were more disconnected from their families and were more willing to sacrifice more time away from them to financially support them.
  • Feminism – As dad’s were spending more time away from home boys were being raise by their moms.  Mothers have had a bigger impact on the lives of boys and thus feminism has had a larger impact on us more than we think.

We also learned about the 5 promises in the quest for authentic manhood;

  • You wil have a clear definition of manhood.
  • You will develp a new manhood language.
  • You will make signicificant personal discoveries about yourself.
  • You will make new friends who are pursuing a common goal.
  • You will have your own personalized manhood plan for achieving authentic manhood.

This first session was really good.  It looks to be some really solid stuff we are using.  I am excited about it.  I am hoping and praying that this can help to transform the culture of men within our church.