Alright so technically it’s not “my” merchandise.  Here’s the thing.  A few weeks ago I posted and asked you to help support our student ministry online here at Bethel.  I installed the C28 widget to the left side of the blog and I asked you to click on it.  The response has been amazing actually.  So now I NEED you to take the next step – click through to the C28 store and buy something.  When you purchase something I get some “store credit” with them.  Store credit = merchandise to be used for FREE give-a-way’s within the student ministry here at Bethel.  Seriously – buy a sticker.  A t-shirt.  Someting.  Anything. If you do go to their site and buy something please make sure you click through my blog to get there.  No clicky from here = no credt for us.

Thanks for helping to support us.