We have an identity!  No longer will we be called ‘the senior high youth group at Bethel Baptist Church.’  We now have an identity.

Last night was the 2nd week of our high school ministry here in Newell.  We have been hosting a ‘name our youth group’ contest for the past month or so.  We ended up with around 85 name submissions.  Some were great and some weren’t so great.  The thing is that everyone put a lot of time and effort into coming up with potential names for our group.  The contest ended this past Sunday night.  We (our leaders) spent the last week narrowing the list from 85 down to 15 names for the students to vote from.  Last night we took 3 votes.  The first one narrowed the list down to the top 6.  The second one narrowed it down to the top 2.  Then the third vote was to decide the actual name.

So our high school ministry is now CHAOS (Christ Has All Our Solutions).

This Wednesday night our middle school group will vote on their name.  The next step in the process is getting logos made up.  Now we have to decide if we will let our students do it or if we will get it done somewhere and pay for it.