Last night we had our first night of senior high youth group for the fall.  It went really well.  Everyone was pretty excited about the new upgrades to the room with the lights and projector and laptop.  I think it actually helped create a sense of excitement.  It was pretty cool to see the students come in and make comments on everything.

I taught on James 2:14-26 – ‘fiath without works is dead.’  I know it hit me aquare between the eyes and I hope it hit the students in the same way.  More than anything we wan to love them to the cross each week and see them be transformed by Christ.  Last night also ended our ‘What’s In A Name’ contest to submit entries for names for our senior high group.  We now have about 80 names to go through and choose from.  So now the real work with that begins this week.  I am excited to see what the students vote for and hat our name will be.  This is going to be great.

Last night was a little rough.  We had some technical difficulties as we are learning our new presentation software and learning the sound stuff.  Overall though it went really well.  I am looking forward to next week.  I can’t wait.