Brian Ford has a great new post.  If you are a youth worker you should check it out.  He’s getting soem good feedback as well.  If we’re honest it’s something we all struggle with as youth workers/ youth pastors.  Here is a clip of Brian’s post;

“Here is what I’m talking about. In my years of youth ministry I have battled the personal frustration of my students missing out on weekly youth services, small group time, and youth events all because the sport or sports they play have a practice schedule of professional caliber. Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not against sports. I believe their can be a balance between their favorite sport and attending youth meetings and functions. But what price are teens paying when their school, coaches, and even parents are demanding so much of their time.

For example; A couple years ago I had a student that wanted to attend an outreach event we had planned, but within days of the event she told me she couldn’t come because her coach decided to hold a “special” practice that Saturday. When she told her coach she couldn’t come because of the youth event the coach threatened to have her sit out the next game if she missed the practice….”

Go on over and check it out and join the conversation.