Tonight was my first time to visit you.  I drove about 25-30 miles to see you.  On the drive there I couldn’t stop thinking about you.  I had high hopes and big dreams for the night.  I really hoped the night would be perfect and special.  Although I wasn’t entirely disappointed I did feel let down and betrayed.

You see – when I first got there I was impressed with your beauty.  People have told me you aren’t worth my time but really you are beautiful in your own ways.  You can tell that you are taken care f in all of the right ways.  I was flattered upon meeting you tonight for the first time.

As the night went on we had our ups and downs.  Overall I had a really good time with you.  You let me stare gazingly at you for long periods of time and you never once got mad or insecure…but then that’s what you do with all of the guys isn’t it?  You lure them in with your beauty – sometimes you disappoint and sometimes you don’t.  Well Pocahontas I thought the night was mine.  Aft er all it was going that way.

We walked all over you.  We took advantage of our opportunities and scored in the end to pull ahead.  We beat you 21-14.  But then…then you ruined my night.

Pocahontas you really need to rethink the way you park cars.  You are a small town with a population of what – 2, 000 at best?  So how long should it take to empty a field of 100 cars 10 minutes max?  I was in your field for 30 minutes before getting out.  30 minutes.  Why? Because you let the back half of the field and made everyone else wait before we could move.  Why Pocahontas – WHY??

So Pocahontas this is it.  Thankfully it will be another year or 2 before I have to come to a football game and experience the nightmare of your parking.  Really it’s not that hard to park cars – but apparently it is.