I was supposed to go golfing at 7am this morning – which meant I had to be up by 6:15 this morning.  For those of you that know me you know this was a minor miracle in and of itself.  So I got up and it was raining.  Instead of golfing I went to Davenport with my parents to go shopping for some youth group stuff they wanted at Sam’s.  While in Sam’s I was reminded once again about the consumeristic mindset that we have as American’s.  No wonder we’re an obese nation.  You can buy EVERYTHING in bulk and at “discounted” prices.  I say “discounted” becuase are those really the best prices you can buy that stuf at?  Probably not. 

I did see a great billboard on the way to Davenport in Louisa County.  I am going to drive over there tomorrow (20 miles) and take a picture of it and post it.  It’s classic.  It makes me wonder if they knew what they were doing when they put both of them up – together.  So tomorrow is my last day in Burlington before heading back on Saturday.  It has been a good trip down but I am looking forward to getting back.