Lately my blog has been a little on the quiet side.  I just honestly haven’t felt the need to write anything at all.  We are trying to gear up for the start of the school year around here.  I have a parents meeting coming up this Sunday that I am gearing up for.  I am told at least 90% of the parents will come so there should be about 30-50 some parents at our meeting.  This will be a welcomed change from where I have come from.  Parents just didn’t seem interested out West.  I’m not sure why.  It was probably one of the MOST discouraging things I dealt with.  But this is a new season.  I am really looking forward to sharing my vision for our student ministry here and I hope that the parents really buy into it.  So far so good I think.  We are rolling out a new contest.  We are trying to drum up student leaders.  A lot is going on right now and it’s keeping me pretty busy – which is good.