Sometimes in life you come across a relationship where it’s just impossible. It looks good at the onset of the relationship. You are excited about it. SO going in there’s this still young and excitable attraction – then the unthinkable happens. You get hurt. So you pray about it,

“Why O Lord? Why does this have to hurt so bad? This could be a good thing for me. Why O Lord is this happening to me?!?!”

There is a LOT of turmoil…a lot of drama. So you put more effort into it and you try it again – still it becomes even more clear that this “match made in heaven” is nothing more than Satan’s’ attempt at luring you over to the dark side through your anger, frustration and hurt.

This past week I had a relationship like that. At the beginning it looked to be full of promise and excitement. It turned out to be one of the most hurtful relationships I have been in. I was excited about it. It wasn’t going well so I ended it. Here’s what I said,

“Look I think you’re beautiful. At first I was pumped about this possibility. As I got to know you – try you on – I realized you were out to hurt me from the beginning. Now I am in a position to do something I don’t want to do. I have to end our short-lived relationship.

I know it’s hard for me too.  So here it goes – I’m trading you in.  Sure you were simple in beauty but that’s what I liked about you. You didn’t believe in a lot of frills and were modest.  This is what I needed.  I treated you well. You were the best looking pair of New Balance 857’s I have seen.  I didn’t wear you in the rain. I tried not to get you dirty – still you broke my back and gave me shin splints. So I’m trading you in. This time it’s not about me – it is about you. So I’m leaving you for a pair of Asics GT-2130’s. I hope you understand. We just weren’t meant to be.”