When I was in high school our youth group loved to prank each other.  We even made a sport out of it for the most part.  We tried to be civil about it but like most pranks sometimes it went too far.  There was this girl in our youth group – Stephanie.  Stephanie had never had her house pranked becuase she lived 20-30 minutes away from town.  Stephanie made it a point to brag about it – somewhat often.  What Stephanie didn’t know is that one night after choir practice I pulled her dad aside and explained the situation to him and asked if we could TP their house.  I was fully expecting to hear him say, “Are you kidding?  No way.”  Instead he looked at me with a little smirk and said, “Sure thing.”  So we talked about details and he even volunteered to keep the dogs tied up that night so they wouldn’t bark and wake Stephanie up.

So the night came (11 or so years ago).  It was a youth group outing and we went water skiing.  The funny thing was that I had the toilet paper in the trunk of my car that afternoon while we were water skiing and no one ever knew.  So nightfall came and we went back to town to give the illusion that nothing was up.  We were camping out that night because I was going to college the coming weekend so this would be my last prank while I was in town – also it gave no way for her to get me back anytime soon.

So at 12:30am 6 or 7 of us made the drive out to Oakville, IA to TP Stephanie’s house.  It took us well over an hour to do it.  We unloaded 500 rolls on her house that night.  She has more pics on her blog.  Go over and check them out.  So why post these pictures now and talk about it?  Because Stephanies families house was destroyed this summer in the flood of 2008.  Oakville (from what I hear) is pretty much a total loss.  As a youth group we had some great times at their house swimming their pool, riding 4 wheelers and having some outings there.  I won’t forget the Stoller’s farm and neither will they.