Alright so I am a little over halfway through week 10.  I weighed myself today and I am back to losing.  I will be doing my “official” weighings on Sunday’s and posting them sometime between Sunday nights and Monday mornings.

Today I had an idea…

I have been thinking a lot lately about buying a membership to a gym OR buying a bike and just biking a lot at night.  So today I went and deposited my check.  While I was in Storm Lake I decided to buy a new pair of cross trainers.  I settled on a pair of New Balance 857’s.  Then I decided to go over and check out the bike shop and see if I could get a bike today.  The answer?  Heck no.  They wanted $719 for the bike he was trying to sell me.  Then he said, “Of course you’ll want bar ends, a bag, a computer, blah, blah, blah…”   I looked at some other bikes and the cheapest one they had was $549 to which he said, “Those are entry level.  I wouldn’t want to sell you one of those.”  Are you serious?  Then why do you have them in your bike shop if you don’t want to sell one?  So I left.

My quest for a good bike still continues…at this rate I may just crack and get the membership to the gym and spend a little extra gas money.