I have the privilege of preaching this weekend in church.  We are having communion this weekend so I’m preaching on the cross in accordance with Ephesians 4:17-24.  Now the text doesn’t mention the cross but I think the obvious connection is the fact that if we are to move from our old self into our new self daily and follow Christ not only does that have huge implications on our lives it also requires great cost.  SO I have been typing out my manuscript (I always do this before I outline) I got to thinking about fear.  Here is a thought that keeps popping up in my mind;

“So why do we remain stuck in our old ways?  I think it’s partially out of fear.  We fear change – we think it’s taboo so we want nothing to do with it.  Fear motivates us into a negative direction.  Fear motivates us to not take an action step – to not fully trust that God knows best.  Fear also traps us into believing we’re not good enough in life.  That no one could love us for who we are OR that God could never use people like us OR that even possibly God isn’t as good as we once thought he was.  Fear can motivate and cripple us but fear cannot and will not love.”

I know it’s hard to think of fear as motivating us but think about it for a minute with me.  Fear motivates us into inaction.  If taking action means making a choice and then acting on it then inaction, by logic, is taking action.  Fear motivates us to inaction.

How has fear moved you in your life?