Alright so I posted my creative chaos idea the other day.  I love how Los is doing this on his blog.  Go over and check out the other ideas.

What is a prayer trigger? Well it’s something (maybe an object) that reminds you to pray about something.

Do you use anything as a prayer trigger? I am trying to do this more and more. Tonight at my leaders meeting I issued my first prayer trigger. It’s really pretty simple.

You know the Wrigley’s Gum – 5? Well I bought each one of my leaders a pack of it and handed it out. They looked at me like I was from another planet. SO I explained to them, “I want you to think of 5 students who you can pray for. There are 15 sticks of gum in here – so you will have 15 opportunities to pray for 5 students.” Funny thing is that they loved the idea of it.

Who would have thought that gum could trigger prayer?