As of this past Thursday I have been the “go to” guy for our church. Jay and Gary are out on vacation so that leaves me (the new guy) as the point man. Or I was told this weekend, “The man.” Will I mess it up? Can I hold the fort down while everyone else is gone? What will I do in case of dire emergency? I’ll call Jay…that’s what I’ll do. Nah – I’m comfortable being the point man. I have filled in many times before and it’s gone fine. Why should this time be any different?

Today we have a guest speaker – Greg Ried. Greg is a missionary we support. I am looking forward to his message. He will be talking about the concept of becoming the person God wants us to be. I hear it’s going to be a challenging message. I can’t wait. So really my responsibilities this morning are easy – announcements, leading worship, lead into the service after announcements, pray for offering, lead last song. Fairly routine.

Next week I get to do the sermon AND lead communion. I’ll be honest – the communion thing worries me. We do it different here than in my previous church. I must relearn the ways of doing communion in a Baptist church lest I foul it up.

Today will be my first time leading the worship (songs) through the entire service. I’m looking forward to it. It gets me pretty excited. Our song list for today is pretty easy;

Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!

You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)

Sing to the King

We Fall Down

Days of Elijah (last song of service)