Alright. It has now officially been 2 months since the last time I worked out. It was just tough with the move and settling in to really get a good time to workout in. Now that I have my feet planted firmly (sort of) back under me I have resolved to start working out again. I am back on my journey to 100. I have gained a little bit of weight back. At the last “official” weigh in I was down 37 pounds in 9 weeks. I know there was one or two more after that but since it’s the last recorded one it’s the one I am going with. As of today I have gained back 5 pounds. I know it’s not so bad actually but still it’s a gain that I didn’t want to have. I worked out this morning and honestly I’m really sore. I’m doing more cardio/ calisthenics. I feel great though so I am looking forward to the weeks/ months ahead as I shed more weight in my journey to 100.

I have 63 more pounds to go to hit 100 lost. My first goal was by the end of September which is 10 weeks away from today. Holy crud – 10 weeks?? That’s an average of 6 pounds per week. It’s going to be close. Still even if I do or don’t make it by then I am going to keep plugging away at it and see where I can end up in the long run.

Thanks for asking about my progress and allowing me to be real about my failure over the past 2 months in this area.