I eluded to something my last post that I think is important whenever you work with a team of pastors in a church.  It’s the idea of sharing responsibilities within the service.  Now maybe with a mega church this principle doesn’t apply but I think it really does in churches from 0-700’ish people in attendance.  I like the idea of sharing responsibilities and I think it does a few things not just for the team but the congregation as well.  Here are 4 things I think it helps to benefit.  These are also transferable to other ministries and positions that work with teams under the and it’s something I try hard to practice with my leaders.

  • UNITY – I really think it helps to foster unity amongst the staff and between the staff and the congregation.  I think it helps the congregation view the other pastors (the ones below the senior pastor) as pastors/ leaders in the church as well.  Over the past 10 years I have heard from time to time, “But you’re not the pastor I am submissive to.  You’re the youth pastor.”  I say be creative and get the associate pastor, youth pastor, music pastor, heck even the pastor of janitorial engineer up front to do announcements, help with communion, prayer.  Get them up there for something – anything.  Face time is valuable time.
  • THE TEAM – The thing I hated more than anything in sports was sitting the bench.  Sometimes my coach would say, “You have an important role…to not be seen or get in the way.”  It’s true I have had coaches tell me that.  Sitting the bench is never fun whether it’s in sports or church.  There may be other roles you fill through the week but when it comes to “adult church” you sit the bench.  My question is, “Why?”  I think the team benefits from the different “players” (pastors) being able to lead different aspects or pieces of the service.  You want to build the team and help them grow in every aspect.  Let them get up and fumble the ball – even when the lead pastor is in town.  This helps to show the congregation that there is a real trust that the lead pastor has in the other guys on his team.
  • CONNECTED – Getting the other staff upfront helps to connect them to the congregation.  In student ministry one of the most exciting things for me is to see my leaders leading from upfront.  This gives them not only ownership of the ministry but it also instills a deeper sense of trust with the students as well.  The students can see that the youth pastor isn’t the only one capable of leading.  This is a vitally important message to get across.
  • DEVELOPMENT – I think as the lead pastor or as a pastor over any team the thing you always want to be doing is developing the skills of your team.  How are you investing in the skills of the team you are surrounded with?  For me it was over the past few months I was in Ogallala.  Eric had started coming to the Green and began critiquing my messages every Thursday morning.  He saw a need to pour into my ability (or lack thereof) and help me grow through it.  Honestly it wasn’t always easy to hear his criticism but I knew he was trying to help me grow in this area.  Over those past few months there I began to notice a huge difference in my style and delivery.  I am grateful that he took the time to invest in me – even when he knew there was a strong chance I was leaving New Hope.  He still continued to poor into me.  What are you doing to pour into your team?  How are you developing them?