This week has been a slow blogging week for me.  My mom emailed me and asked if I was doing alright because I really haven’t posted much.  Actually things are going really good for me right now.  I haven’t posted much this week because honestly I haven’t really felt a need to.  Yesterday I took most of the day getting music ready for Sunday morning.  The lady who normally chooses the music for our worship teams had to be out of town this weekend so she asked me if I would fill in for her and pick out the music and lead the team.  This is really the first time since I have been in Newell that I will be leading worship for the entire service.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Actually come to think of it I’m doing everything besides preaching this week.  I really don’t mind being plugged into the service and being upfront.  In fact I enjoy it.  I think it’s important to get the different pastors up in front of the congregation as much as possible so that people recognize them as pastors of the church not just a specific area or ministry.  I think that’s another topic for another post.

So really I am fine.  I just took a little blogging break and played my guitar and read some this week.  It was a nice little break.