It’s true.  Ask anyone from the office of New Hope in Ogallala.  Ask most of my former students.  I am always getting free stuff.  A common phrase I often heard in the office was, “How do I become a youth pastor so I can get free stuff all of the time?”  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe God finds a lot of favor on me?  Ha!  Yeah maybe not.  But hey call it what it is – awesome.

This afternoon I emailed the point of contact about the disc golf course in Storm Lake and 10 minutes later this guy named Justin called me up.  We talked about the course.  He asked if I would be willing to help with some minor things there.  I said sure.  Then the following conversation took place;

Justin:  “So you’re going today with some youth?”

Me: “Yes”

Justin: “Hey we’ve got a box full of brand new discs in the basement.  They’re yours if you want them.”

Me: “Seriously?  I’ll be by in an hour.”

I went in and got the box.  Turned out it’s 15 Gateway Wizzard SS (super soft) putters.  Total it’s worth almost $200.  So there they are.  15 brand new putters.  Now I need to mark them all so we know they are ours.  I love student ministry….and FREE stuff.