For me there is nothing that gives me more charge for my week, outside of spending time with God, than a great staff meeting. Staff meetings? Really? Yeah staff meetings. Not just any kind of meeting but ones that are productive. Today we had such a great meeting. So what makes a staff meeting great? Here are some things that I think work;

  • talk about what the church is facing – This is a big one for me. If done the right way this can be a time where things are shared in the strictest of confidentiality. Certain issues can be prayed for specifically. Whether it’s issues, event, highs or lows the church is facing I think the staff need a place that is protected where they can share their frustrations and heart-aches.
  • do life together – hang out with each other. Play board games, go golfing, watch reality TV with each other. The more you DO with others the more you will BOND with others. Is it worth bonding with your team? Every second of it.
  • cast vision together – If your staff isn’t on the same page your church never will be either. This is a firm belief of mine. It’s important that everyone is dancing to the beat of the same drum as far as vision goes…now the method each department or part of the body uses to get their will certainly be different but the vision (the end goal) must be the same. If your staff ins’t in sync then your churc won’t be either.
  • pray together – Prayer is a big thing. As Christian we attribute the power of prayer to healing people, marriages being resolved. So why don’t we pray when it comes to the direction and body of our churches? Sure we should be praying on our own but I think when a team comes together to pray in a unified fashion it helps to unify the team.
  • be real – If you can’t be real with your team then maybe you shouldn’t be serving with them. Think of it this way. If you can’t be real, open and honest then how does that play out when it comes to casting vision together? Will you be able to be real, open and honest when you disagree with a part of the vision? If you can’t be real, open and honest can you really be solidified as a team

These are just some of my ideas. What are yours?