Today we were in Stom Lake hanging up posters for VBS for this next week.  Everything was going well.  We were surprisingly turned down by a number of places but still we pushed on.  We get to Hy-Vee and the funniest thing happened.  One of my male students (I’m trying to protect his integrity) got out and went in.  He was given permission to hang a poster up on the door then the manager corrected him and he had to go back to put it on the bulletin board in the back of the store.

So he comes out already flustered.  Then he does the unthinkable – he gets into the WRONG vehicle and the guy was in there.  I am glad i was able to watch this happen in real time.  It was hillarious.  I honestly couldn’t talk straight for a good 2-3 minutes.

Then we go to another store and he ALMOST gets into the wrong vehicle again.  I looked at him as he got in my Explorer and the dialogue went like this;

Me:  “Man 2 in one day…that would be bad. ”

Him:  “Yeah then I would have had to have kille you so no one would find out.”

Me:  “Yeah right.”

Then he says the best quote ever,

“Hey I was brought up in a barbaric civilization where it was survival of the fittest.  No wait…that can’t be true.  I survived.  Wait did I just really say that?  This just isn’t my day.”