Yesterday was a good day.  It was very laid back but good.  In the afternoon one of my senior high guys came over and we watched a little Wimbledon.  Actually it was really good yesterday.  After we were done we drove into Storm Lake and played 27 holes of disc golf.  I still haven’t shot a round under par yet.  It seems like I can’t quite break the +1 I have been shooting there lately.  Although I did ALMOST ace (hole in one) hole 3.  It was sweet.  I told him I was going for an ace.  Just about 10 inches higher and it would have been great.

After playing disc golf we went out to the Crippin’s house and had supper.  After supper we rode their wave runner.  It has a 4 stroke engine which mean this thing goes fast.  Yesterday I was getting on it Nick said, “Be careful – it’ll do 60.”  It was a lot of fun.  I got it up to 54 then got into some big wakes from another boat so I had to slow it down.  After we got done riding the wave runner Dr. Crippin took us out on their boat for the fireworks show.  We literally sat under the freworks as they went off.  We were just about  75-100 yards from where they were shooting them off.  Below are my favorite pics from the night;