I went over to Storm Lake this afternoon and played their disc golf course at Mandeville Park.  It’s a moderate 9 hole course.  I shot 2 over on 18 holes.  I think that was pretty good considering it was my first time.  I definitely think I can hit at least 4 under for 9 holes once I get the course down a little better.

Here are my dislikes about the course.  The markings are alright.  They are just stepping stones in the ground with no distance marking on them.  It’s a pure guess when you step up to the tee pad.  They really need signes marking the wholes with distances on them.  Also the need a sign telling what it is, how to play it and rules on the sign.  I think this would get more traffic on the course.  But this is just my opinion.  I’m looking forward to play it again.  It’s a great lay out in a great location right across the street from the lake.