So I have been invited to attend a grill “throw down” tonight.  The idea sounds fairly intriguing to me.  I’m all for competition and that’s what this is.  Here’s how it works;

  • a select number of people are invited over as the “cooks” (I am one of them tonight)
  • you are supposed to bring enough ingredients to make 6 hamburgers from your recipe
  • your burger will be judged by the judges – oh yeah it’s a competition
  • a guest list is comprised and people are invited

It’s sounds like fun to me.  I’m all for meeting new people.  I am a little apprehensive about it though.  The guest list is comprised of couples and singles – yeah it sounds like an attempt for a set-up to me.  Why would I come to that conclusion?  The two cooks are both single guys.  I will make another post sometime tomorrow to let you know how this went.  I will try to take pictures of my burger.

I hate to lose at anything….I’m expecting to win.