Sometimes I am behind on new music.  This is definitely one of those times.  I have heard a lot about Jadon Lavik over the past few months.  Honestly I kind of wrote him off without even listening.  I guess in a sense I have become calloused to the “next big thing” that is out.  I picked up his album Roots Run Deep today while I was in Sioux City and I absolutely love it.  It’s a fresh arrangement of some great hymns of the faith.

I think his music (though sometimes simplistic) shows a real maturity as a musician within his style and ability.  It is never distracting.  Never does it feel that he is trying to be too hip either.  I think it’s an honest reflection of his music ability and love for God.

So which song is my favorite?  I love the way he does ‘What a Friend.’

I highly recommend this album.