This morning I was officially commissioned as the youth pastor here at Bethel.  The elders laid hands on me and prayed for me after Pastor Jay gave the “charge” or the challenge to me and the congregation about my new role here.  I am excited and glad to be here.  I think God is going to use my time here as a stretching moment for me and for our church.  Right now things are just getting rolling.  It’s going to take awhile to really get to know the people here and there are some I would really like to get to know.  I know with time that will happen.

My parents, sister and my nieces (my brothers girls) came out for the weekend.  It was fun having them around.  We hung out at King’s Pointe in Storm Lake all of Saturday.  It was good to have them here.  My nieces are excited to have me a lot closer now and I am excited about that.