Tim, over at Life in Student Ministry, alerted me that you had to sign up with a “user account” and register in order to be able to comment on my blog.  Actually I knew I did this…the primary reason?  To chase off people who wanted to comment anonymously.  Tim says though that more people (including himself) would probably comment if that feature was turned off.  So this morning I turned it off.

Here’s a little plug for Tim’s site.  It’s really good.  Tim is a few years younger than me but has this whole blogging/ youth worker resource website down really good.  There is often good discussion over there in the comment section of each post.  I have really enjoyed the last year or 2 popping over once in awhile and joining in th discussion.  I love networking because it can be a stretching experience and that’s what I like about Tim’s site…if given time it will stretch you…but in a good way.

So if in the past you have wanted to comment but the hassle of another account name and password have stopped you – no more should this be the case for you.  You can now comment ’til your hearts content.