Dear Alltel,

Hi.  remember me.  I have been a faithful customer for 6 years now.

I am the customer who called before he moved and asked about a new local number.  you told me it would be no problem.

I am the customer who has now moved and tried to get a new local number only to find that it can’t be done unless you change the number on both phones (which you need in your possession at the retail store) OR I “split” the lines into 2 accounts raising my total monthly rate $50-$60.

I am the customer who used to have the $49/ month plan and then you raised it to $79/month but are giving me the second line free.  Nice gesture…if you’re out to make money on me and not help me.

I am the customer who was told service in this area was great and then moved and found out the service is horrible.

I am the customer who has had more dropped calls in one week in my location than I have in the 6 years I have been with you.

I am the customer whom obviously is not in YOUR circle of friends.

I am the customer you are about to lose because you don’t care about me…the customer.

I am the customer that had to walk out of your store today so I didn’t cancel my account and demand you pay my $200 service cancellation fee.  In reality I am sure this will be a future event.

I am more than frustrated and annoyed.  I am severely hacked off right now and this is the only way I can peacefully vent about this.

You are the cell phone provider I have so eagerly told my friends and family about and many have come over to use your service because of the gracious things I have said about your service in the past.

I am the customer who has a blog where 700-1200 people visit weekly…often linking back to me for others to read.

I am the customer who wants to work this out.  What can ou do to help me.


One very frustrated customer.