Leaving New Hope in Ogallala was tough as I have said before.  Everyone was very gracious and kind when they found out I was actually leaving.  I was surprised by the generosity and gifts when I left.  Honestly my love language is gifts/ affirmation and they came through in a huge way.  The church body got me 2 things really.  The first thing they got me was paying off my account for my new guitar.  Honestly I wasn’t actually expecting it and it was an awesome gift.  I must confess.  Someone may have told me about 2 possibilities of gifts.  I won’t name the person.  I will only link to him. 

I love my new guitar.  It wasn’t a cheap gift for New Hope.  Each time I play it I will be reminded of my time there and the friendships I have made.

The other thing they did for me I appreciated even more than the guitar.  They had a banner 12″x36″ banner made that reads, “Chris – our best to you!  New Hope – Ogallala, NE” and gave everyone in the church the opportunity to sign it or write a note to me and every time I look at it I get choked up.  Today was really the first time I have really had the opportunity to sit and read through all of the signatures.  I am truly blessed to have been a part of New Hope over the past 6 years.  Once I get the banner framed and a picture of it taken and on my computer I will post it.  

The really unexpected thing was the money.  Countless people gave me cash for gas money the weekend I was leaving.  I ended getting a couple of hundred dollars in cash before I left which was great for gas.  Actually I’m still living off of it.  

As much as I am going to miss New Hope I am really looking forward to the ministry ahed here in Newell.  I have my stuff all unpacked and situated and I think I am ready to get to work.  My first “official” day in the office is this coming Monday.  So I still have a few days to sit back and relax…which if you know me that’s not easy for me.  I am trying though.  So I guess I’ll be playing my guitar a lot over the next 4 days or so.