It’s still a little surreal to think that I am moving away from Ogallala at the end of this week.  I wasn’t looking for a new job but sometimes God has this way of moving you where he wants you.  Some seasons are longer than others and I full well know that.  So some are asking me, “How did this happen?  Why Iowa?”

So here’s my story…

About 5 years ago I met Jay Lindstrom.  He was the youth pastor at the E-Free Church in Sidney, NE.  Jay and I met through our pastors cluster meeting we have once a month.  Being youth pastors we had an instant bond.   Over the years we called each other.  Met for lunch and prayed for each others ministries.  We even did a few ski retreats together where he would teach and I would lead worship.  It was always a great time working with Jay.   Two years ago Jay moved to Bethel Baptist in Newell, IA.  We continued to keep in contact with each over the last 1.5-2 years as we always did.

Shortly after moving to Newell the youth pastor at Bethel had resigned leaving the position vacant since.  So I have actually known for over a year that this position was open and available and never once thought about applying for it.  I was traveling to my parents this past Christmas break when I got a call from Jay while driving through Des Moines.  We talked about various things.  Life.  Family.  Work.  Never once did we talk about me applying for this position.  (This is an important piece of information).  I got to my parents and they asked if I would ever think about moving back to Iowa and told them, “If I knew of a position available and I thought I would be a good fit I would apply.”  I woke up the next morning and shared my phone call with my dad and began to wonder if this was God opening a door for me to be closer to me family.

I went through periods of guilt thinking about sending my resume in so I prayed about it for a month.  I overheard a conversation one day in a car about having your resume out and seeing if God would want you to stay where you are or go.   This gave me a huge peace about the whole process.  When I got home that night I called Jay.

When I talked with him he shared 2 things with me that blew me away;

  • that him and his wife had been praying since December that if God wanted me in Newell that I would initiate it becuase Jay felt like he shouldn’t call me and pull me out from under my current church.  I completely respect that.
  • that he and their associate pastor had a conversation that morning (the morning of the day I called Jay) where Gary (the associate pastor) asked Jay if he knew of anyone he would like to apply for the job and Jay told him about me and the fact that he didn’t want to call and ask me to consider applying for the job.  So Gary told Jay they should pray about it together that morning.  Which they did.

When he told me this on the phone I was blown away.  It was pretty clear to me at that point that I should send my resume in and see where God would lead.  Little did I know the things that God would do…